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Granary toast 2 pieces of toast served with butter and home-made jam
Sourdough toast 2 pieces of Alex Gooch heritage sourdough toast served
with butter & home-made jam
Toasted fruit bread. 
French toast with banana & maple syrup/local free-range bacon & maple syrup
Everyday we have home-made soup served with a choice of fresh bread

Served toasted on Alex Gooch focaccia

Free-range Hay Charcuterie fennel salami, mozzarella roasted
Ragstone goat’s cheese, tomatoes, salad.

Served toasted on Alex Gooch ciabatta
Organic Cheddar, pesto, roasted peppers, salad & tomatoes
Ham & Somerset brie with chilli jam & salad

Served toasted on Alex Gooch heritage sourdough
Grilled cheese sandwich
Organic Cheddar & Worcester hop with spring onions basted with herb butter
Tuna melt
Tuna with free-range mayo, organic Cheddar & red onion

Freshly made sandwiches served on granary bread
                                                                                                                        Organic Cheddar & salad with home-made apple chutney
Ham & salad & home-made apple chutney
Tuna, pesto, roasted tomatoes & salad
Wheat free? Have any of our sandwich fillings served on toasted
gluten-free bread. Please ask our servers about allergies

Little Menu
Cheese on toast

Ham & cheese toastie

Little soup & toast soldiers