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9 High Town

Hay on Wye


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We are a small coffee shop in the beautiful, eclectic, bustling town of Hay on Wye. Come & visit us for home-made cake, delicious coffee & lunches and of course, we are the home of the fantastic, locally made ice cream dream that is Shepherds Ice cream.


The ice cream is made with sheep's milk, which is firstly, delicious, but also has a high milk solid content, meaning the ice cream is much lower in fat than conventional ice creams as it's made using only whole milk. Flavours change with the seasons and lots of yummy local ingredients go into making it.

Here are some for starters: Tayberry (this is a sorbet actually, so it's vegan), strawberry, white chocolate, gooseberry & elderflower crumble, mint choc chip, Lebanese coffee, chocolate, marmalade, cherry yoghurt, blackcurrant cheesecake, mango and passion fruit (also vegan) lime & mint, vanilla, damson & sloe gin, toffee honeycomb, hazelnut, pistachio and many, many more.   


Shepherds Parlour

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       We are thrilled to bits to be able to make scrumptious lunches from fabulous ingredients, sourced ethically and locally. We are delighted to work closely with all sorts of food producers and growers to put the best of the best on your plate.


This is a team effort.  The cakes are  made in our on-site kitchen,  at our kitchen a few miles away in Clifford or by Tam  in Dorstone.  The salad is grown in Dorstone too by Judy, as is the fruit for the jams and cakes.  This is no little endeavour & we are extremely grateful for all the love & care which goes into growing & preparing these delicious things for us. 


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